Student Oral Histories

The following oral history interviews were conducted by students in my Spring 2021 classes of World Civilization 2 and Cultural Diversity and Identity at Northeast Iowa Community College.

Published by Dr. Kent Boyer

Kent L. Boyer, PhD is an arts writer, scholar, and teacher in Cresco, Iowa. He is a full-time Humanities faculty member at Northeast Iowa Community College, where he teaches Art History, Cultural Diversity, and World Civilization. I'm an arts writer, scholar, and teacher with interests in gender studies, pop culture, and the arts of the first half of the 20th century - particularly collaborative work between visual artists, composers, choreographers, poets, and novelists. I hold a PhD Humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas. My dissertation looks at the turbulent decade of the 1950s through the poetry of Frank O'Hara. I have lead an extremely unconventional, nomadic, and satisfying life. I have earned degrees in computer animation, science, chiropractic medicine, the arts and cultural traditions, and humanities. I've worked as a bank teller, retail jewelry buyer, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, college professor, multimedia artist, instructional designer, Photoshop seminar lecturer, textbook author, IT change management leader, hospice marketer, social media guru, middle and high school curriculum designer, and web developer. I teach Freshman Writing and World Literature at the University of Texas - Dallas, and Art Appreciation at El Centro College.

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